Saturday, March 21, 2009


Monday's shoot was quite different from working on Chloe. (I must say that I was very sad to hear that Liam Neeson's wife Natasha Richardson had passed away after a freak accident during a ski lesson in Quebec. What makes it particularly sad is that it is preventable. I hope out of this sad situation that people are now aware that head injuries can seem so minor and yet, if not checked out can be deadly.)
Back to Monday:
I arrived up in Unionville, a small town north of the city, but really now almost a suburb of Toronto. I made my way to a fantastic brand new sports centric high school for a scene. This school made my old high school look like it was from another century. It had a fitness room on the 3rd floor, which was all windows and with the latest sports equipment, a rugby field, a soccer field, a football field gyms, tennis and probably a pool etc.
Just amazing.
Holding was in the cafeteria which also had a huge wall of windows on the 3rd floor.
I checked in and then waited for the wardrobe woman to check me out. This time I took my little suitcase and had on a 'soccer mom' type outfit. However she opted for the 'business mom' look and I put this on. Beside me were two young ladies in their teens. She told one girl that her clothing was too edgy and they wanted a preppy look. The girl then started changing right there in the middle of everyone! That was pretty funny. The other major difference in the extras on this show is that half of them are cops, and they really look like cops, big, full uniform, including mock guns which they received on set. It was quite important that they look real, and had their hems done to regulation too. It was a bit intimidating and at times I had to keep reminding myself that feeling like I had just got a ticket was not real. The fellow next to me had to have his haircut to regulation but other than that, not much happened. A bunch of the cops were watching movies on a laptop while waiting.

The kids were there since 6 am and doing multiple scenes. I won't reveal the plot, but the kids were leaving the school and running to their parents after an incident at school. We were the parents and the press.
Around noon they started preparing the craft service. This time everyone was invited to eat a great buffet. Two kinds of Lasagne, Chicken, Salad, rice and beans, potatoes and some dessert bars. We spent the rest of the afternoon chatting reading etc. Then around 4 we went outside to shoot the scene. There was alot of preparation of the police cars, the students, and where we should stand etc.
The scene was shot from 4 directions, and each time at least 5 takes, including moving an ambulance and loading it.
I got to choose my kid, and picked a nice Chinese boy; he decided I was his aunt.
It was pretty cool by then the sun was going down so we had a fake sun - a huge light to be able to finish the scenes. We ran to meet "our kid" and that was pretty much it.
In between takes, we huddled near the director's tent, and watched all the goings on,including a break dance by one of the stars who was pretty funny, (the costume woman got upset with him for messing up his SWAT gear).
At 7:30 we were wrapped. Signed out and headed home. During all the waiting time I worked on my Tai Chi presentation so that was good. I'm thinking about taking an ipod next time, but I had some nice conversations with interesting folks.
Stay tuned for next time....

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  1. Woo!! That sounded fun! Looking forward to your next entry!