Sunday, March 15, 2009

Preparing for Shooting

One thing a background player needs to have is wardrobe. No matter what the scene we are responsible to bring the required wardrobe to the shoot. Usually this means 2 or 3 complete changes. Sometimes because we are in more than one scene or sometimes because they want some variety in the background players.
Because when you are in the background, you want to stay just that; background. Usually that means no brights (loud colours),no stripes (makes a blurry image)and no identifiable logos (copyright infringement).
Tomorrow I'm set to work on the TV series Flashpoint. I learned last time to bring a small suitcase with wheels from a veteran extra. This will make taking my wardrobe and accessories a lot easier. It will also give me a place to put my cooled protein shakes and sandwich.
I'm excited. More tomorrow on the shoot!

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