Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's been a while....

Since I last blogged here. I've been so busy with my other jobs, I haven't had time to work on any shows. But yesterday I had a great time on the set of the new show Copper.(note: renamed "Rookie Blue")   In a news release it is described as "a character-driven workplace drama about five rookie cops plunged into the high stakes world of big city policing." The good news is it was picked up by ABC tv.

We shot outdoor scenes on a dead end street near Bloor St and Parliament. Right in front of a subway entrance and a tunnel to the Rosedale Valley Ravine. It was pretty hot and steamy in the morning, but there was shade from the trees and there was plenty of water, slushies and freezies.

I think this time I may even get to be a blur on screen, since myself and my other passers by got to move aside for the ner do well running from the cops, in the tunnel scene, and to witness the take down. That was interesting to see how they filmed the stunt men and then later the close up of the stars.
It was a lot of fun, and the crew was so nice to us, and gave us great direction and thanks.
We got to walk by in lots of different scenes so it will be interesting to see what actually ends up aired. ( Oh ya, even with slow mo and the pvr I couldn't see myself at all in the Flashpoint episode from April. oh well,)
Since there were only a few of us, we were invited to join the cast/crew for a great lunch and wrapped around 7pm.
I also enjoyed meeting some really nice people from Bcast Agency too.

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