Sunday, November 28, 2010

Finally Saw Chloe

Yes we (me and the handsome dude) were on screen for a whole minute in the first concert scene.  That was fun, and at least we weren't specks on the screen this time, you could actually see our heads and some profile for the minute. It was also fun seeing the locations all around Toronto, not being disguised as another city. Atom Egoyan made a point of showing that it was indeed Toronto, and now I am sorry we didn't stay up all night to be in the party scene, that house was so stunning! I have to find out where it is.
I've been really good busy with work and family, so haven't done as much extra work this year, but I was asked to be a consultant on "Being Erica" to show them how to do tai chi properly.  How exciting! Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate and they cut the scene ;(
I was paid but disappointed. Ah well life on the set - always the unknown.